My disappointment with the ACP discount program

Dear Community,

Below is an email I sent to the ACP discount program, even though I understood that they could not help me. I was just making them aware of the issue with the ACP  discount program. I let them know that I was  just expessing my disagreement, as well as, my disappointment  in how I feel about the ACP discount program.


Dear ACP,

First, thank you for responsing to my email, next, I realize that & understand that you're unable to assisst with issues regarding my bill. I just wanted to make you aware of the problems customers have when trying to get the ACP discount.

Just so you know & become aware that, customers who apply & are eligible for the ACP discount. Must chose between, keeping their free cell phone service or receiving the ACP discount on their cable bill.

My personal opinion is, I not only think that having to chose between one or the other is ridiculous, it's trully unfair.!!

My point is: The ACP discount program is not beneficial to anyone when they have to chose between having their cell phone service or discount on their cable bill. Come on you know people will chose to keep their cell phone, which means the ACP discount program benefits no one.

Once again, just making you aware that the ACP discount program should not be set up where you have to chose between cell phone service or cable bill.

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