My identity is unable to be verified for a business account
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I am beyond frustrated. I just spent a hours signing up for a business account today. I submitted proof of my EIN number articles of incorporation, and the front/back of my drivers license. Then, I was told to call the fraud prevention department. The representative I spoke to said that while my business had passed verification, the Verizon system was unable to verify my identity and, as a result, my application for the Verizon business plan was rejected. Not only that, but he said I was unable to update a different form of verification, like a passport. According to him, I'm at the end of the road.

This is insane! Does Verizon think I was able to form an LLC and get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) by tricking not only the state of Michigan, but the Federal government,  with a fake identity?

I followed every step exactly as asked by the fraud prevention representative, and yet I'm being told there's no other recourse. According to him, I can only purchase prepaid plans from here on out.  I refuse to believe there isn't another way to verify my identity. Surely there's some other solution. 

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