Nonexistent cell coverage in Penn Estates in East Storudsburg, PA
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We bought a house in Penn Estates in East Stroudsburg (zip: 18301). No one has cell service in our rather large community.  In fact, in and around the community it’s a dead zone. To use our verizon iPhones we have to have wifi connect on but that only works when we are in our house.  Isn’t there a way to improve service in our area? I have been a verizon customer ever since there were cell phones and I generally love the coverage and service but this is very frustrating.

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Hello, ejcspc, thanks for reaching out regarding coverage in your area. When not connected to WiFi, what do you see for service on your phone? You mentioned that other users are experiencing trouble with service. Is this affecting users with multiple wireless providers? How far away from your home do you have to travel before service improves?