Phone Number and Account Suddenly Not Accessible
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I have a Verizon (pre-paid) account in the U.S. (had it for years) but I moved to Europe and will be here a while longer but not permanently. To maintain my longtime number, I had 'frozen' my account by pre-paying until Dec. 2023 the monthly $5 fee to hold onto my number (which I had years before I switched to Verizon). Someone at Verizon helped me set this up and it was successful for more than a year.

A few months ago, I visited home (U.S.) for a month, so I went into a Verizon store and asked to have my phone re-activated for just the month, then go back to 'freeze/hold' until the rest of the year.

A while after I returned to Europe, I have been trying to log onto my account because I will be coming back to the U.S. for another month and wanted to add money to my account to make sure there was enough to cover the month I will be back in the U.S. again, plus have a balance form which my monthly ‘hold number’ fee until the end of the year.

But now, I cannot log on. I cannot contact Verizon via my phone (because it doesn't work here), and I could not get a person on the customer service # because it just hangs up on me after telling me to contact them via the phone or webpage ...

The webpage chatbot also would not go further without me signing in … I am in a Kafkaesque catch-22. What can I do? Even if I lost the balance that was in my account, I am willing to start my new account and start over, but I have had that number for YEARS (long before I even switched to Verizon!!) and want to still use it. What should I do?

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