Plan owner is not in the USA anymore
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I have been using Verizon for years. When I first came to the USA, my roommate and I created a family plan in Verizon, and we were satisfied with this arrangement. However, years have passed. Things changed. He left the USA, and I got married. 

Now, I want to create a new plan with my wife. The problem is my roommate is the owner of this plan. I can not move out of this plan without the owner's permission.  He cannot log in to his Verizon account because of the two-step verification (he cannot receive the verification text since he is not in the USA anymore). He gave me his username and password for the Verizon account. I cannot log in to the account because of the same reason.

I do not want to change my phone number. What should I do?

Any help is appreciated!


Re: Plan owner is not in the USA anymore
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Thank you for reaching out with your dilemma of getting your account changed. As we will need more information we will be sending a Private Note.