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The coverage in northern middle TN and south central KY is horrible. It should be embarrassing to Verizon that the coverage has gotten so poor. We had better coverage in 2007 than 2023. Coverage peaked in about 2016 and has went downhill ever since. I’ve been talking at my house for 15 years and since March 2023 it is no service.  Verizon apologizes and wants to blame the poor coverage on anything they can, but will not fix the towers. The towers reach is only about 3 miles straight line and used to be a lot more. I can visually see 3 phone towers from my house and don’t have service anymore. (I do believe only one of the three is a Verizon tower. 

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We're sorry to hear about the service issues you're experiencing at home, RonBergundy. Keeping you connected is vital, and we definitely want to make sure that you receive the best available service in your area. We'll be sending a Private Note to better assist.