Porting From Another Carrier
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I ported four lines from AT&T. Word to the wise – DON’T!  

I needed to buy two phones because the devices weren’t Verizon compatible.  One was identified before I agreed to the service – ok - but the second after I had signed up.  Surprise!

I spent 6 hours (yes, I added up the minutes from my call log) with tech and customer service getting the lines connected during which two phones were without text and voice for a time.  On one occasion I was on hold with “Care” for 30 minutes only to be told by the agent that she couldn’t find her trouble-shooting worksheets.

Arranging the discount because I am a Fios customer involved ping-ponging between Fios and Verizon and two attempts working with live agents each time being assured the link had been set up when it had not.

Am I satisfied with the actual phone service? I was until all phones went dead one evening. One hour trouble-shooting ended up with “reset network settings”.  Huh?

The barrage of add-on offers by email and whenever I call adds insult to injury.

I wish I could say such a bad experience never again but I’m stuck for now.

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