Service termination

I am currently overseas and I have been speaking to SEVERAL representatives for more than 7 months to try to terminate my account and my issue was never solved. I have auto-pay and since no one fixed my issue, I have been charged for all of those months even though I didn’t use my phone and I couldn’t log in online - all the representatives I talked to weren’t able to fix my log in or terminate my account. Last July a representative told me they would finally terminate my account and that I was going to be refunded for the last payments that I was wrongfully charged through auto-pay, and my account would be terminated, but they lied, because this hasn't happened and again I have been billed and had to pay automatically with auto-pay this month, which I CANNOT CHANGE since I am overseas and unable to access my account.

I have never been so unsatisfied with a service like I have been with Verizon. I don’t know what else to do. I have been calling and chatting with them for all of those months and nothing was done about my issue. They have charged me hundreds of dollars for a service I’m not using and I can’t cancel auto-pay.

I need to be refunded for those months and for my service to be terminated as soon as possible.

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