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Hello everyone, I ordered a phone off of ebay and put my old sim from my samsung galaxy s10e into the new samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g. After that my line got suspended for suspection of fraud. I checked the imei to make sure it's not stolen and blacklisted and it came back clean. The issue is that I called support and went through hours of being on the phone. It ended with fraud support sending the account owner (my dad) an email asking to verify his id. We took pics of his driver license and sent them off. I still am suspended and have no service 😞 . I'm not sure if it's because we sent it at 6pm when all the call centers are closed or what but it is frustrating to not be able to use the phone I have purchased. Do I have to wait for them to manually review it? Thank you.

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Hello, DevenChaffee, I'm sorry to hear that a device change triggered a fraud issue and has caused an interruption in your service. Since your dad's information was requested by the Fraud Department, they will need to review these documents before service can be restored. Fraud can be reached directly at 888-483-7200 for updates on the case. Agents are available Sun-Sat 7:00am - 11:00pm EST.