Trade In Issue
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After finally receiving UPS delivery notification for the iPhone returned for trade in and receiving the credit on my bill, I  stopped checking my account. I figured all is well. Until I checked my bill after 3 months again and realized that I was not receiving the credits again. Apparently, after crediting me for 1 month since they already received the trade-in phone, and after waiting for almost 10 minutes on the phone to figure out was going on, now Verizon is saying that they received the box but it was empty and I should file a claim with UPS. The problem now is that UPS has a 60-day limit, which has passed. I asked the Verizon Customer Service Representative if I was sent a notification about receiving an empty box and she said, the following month that we charged you back for the credit promotion, you should have known. 

This is not acceptable and I have already filed a complaint with FCC since I now realized I am not the only one. I also have our Business Account with Verizon (12 lines) which I will be moving to a different carrier because of this along with my personal account (4 lines). Verizon used to be great when they were starting, but with this incident, I cannot fully trust them anymore.

I hope current customers actually read the forum before believing any promotion that Verizon is offering. 

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