Unauthorized changes-Account crammed
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I received an email today “welcoming” me to Verizon Home Device Protect plan. At first I thought it was a phishing email because there’s absolutely no way I would give an additional $25/mo to VZ. Nevertheless, I logged directly into my account & was surprised to see it was a legitimate email & that this plan was indeed active on my account. 
I called immediately & unfortunately got someone offshore so I automatically knew I wasn’t going to get any real answers regardless of how helpful she was attempting to be.

The plan was removed it from the account but no matter how many times I asked or how many different ways rephrased the question, I could not get an explanation how it was added or by whom. The most I got was “it must be a system glitch”.

I’m beyond annoyed & ready to leave Verizon after 14+ years. Tomorrow I’m filing a complaint with the FCC & an executive complaint. Yes, the plan was removed but I need to know how it was added in the first place. No one has access to my account information & I have a pin on my account. “It must be a system glitch” is not an acceptable response.