Verizon Agents Have NO Accountability
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The quality of customer service reps at Verizon is really disappointing and Verizon doesnt let you get chat transcripts like every other company does because they dont want to be held accountable for what their agents say.

I was flat out lied to by 3 separate agents today. My favorite was when one told me I was such a loyal customer, they were going to give me a $20 monthly discount going forward. Too good to be true right? Well I asked what's the catch and they flat out lied and told me nothing would change to my account. They kept me on chat for an hour while they were working on it, only to drop me. Why I have no idea. They failed to tell me I would have to change to unlimited plan.  Attached is screen shot of interaction (tip: take screenshots of all conversations since Verizon does not want you to have by withholding transcripts). 

I waited another hour and a half to speak to a manager but they just kept me waiting so posting here.   Worst customer service of any company I have interacted with.  If anyone at Verizon cares, feel free to do something and resolve with me.

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Customer Service Rep

I know that if I had the same exprience myself as a customer I would be equally upset, Annoyed16. If there are requirements that would require any changes to your account, we should be clear, concise, and give you the opportunity to agree or disagree to those changes. Let's take a closer look into this so that we can help get this fixed. Please be on the lookout for a private note message from me.