Verizon desktop website login problems
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The My Verizon phone app operates normally.  This is a desktop related issu

Yesterday,on my desktop,  I attempted to  login to here My Verizon 



I was then navigated thru expected "My Verizon" app two step verification routine routine, presumably to "allow access.

However, instead of being ushered into the desktop Verizon website page, this happened, first on Firefox






and then in Chrome as well


I spent a good part of yesterday trying to figure it out.   No other websites were affected, only Verizon.

I discussed it with tech coaches, who were great.  They hadn't had similar complaints, so we tried all of the workarounds, which weren't successful. 

For several years I've had numerous signal related issues.  dropped calls, call recipients suddenly can't hear me, automated call systems occasionally don't recognize my phone keypad responses, etc. etc.

I mention all this because, after my experiences  yesterday, that led to the decision to change my sim card.  We'll see if something positive will come from that, but the login problem remained.

I tried it again today with the same results, so I went back to Tech Coach to see if this had been reported by others.  I demonstrated again how I couldn't gain access and got the error  page.

Then, in Firefox, I tried to get back to the login page, using my same bookmark.  However, it instead took me the website, without having to log in.  According to the page, I was already logged in, evidenced by the  "Sign out" link on the top of the page.  Same thing for Chrome.

This is clearly a Verizon issue, unrelated to the network.  So, why am I here? I'm trying to avoid a repeat episode. 






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