Verizon overall... Is shady!
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Verizon is the most horrible company I have ever been with! I don't even know where to begin. First of all I'm in the military, brought my OWN phones... Please keep that in mind. When I joined them they told me they'll always work with me on the billing dates considering when your in the field, or on duty, sometimes your payment dates fluctuate at times. I explained that to Verizon. They said they honor the military and will work with me. So, in January of this year, I called them and told them my situation. I was like hey, I might not be able to pay on a certain day can you work with me?  they said yes, tell you what, you won't be late but imma put your payment on this date, I said cool thank you. A week passes, my phone cuts off. I'm like ok, maybe it's a service error. It wasn't! They turned my phone off due to non payment. I'm like huh?? Oh btw, I had a high credit limit with Verizon, didn't get phones cause I already had the latest phones. (Keep that in mind too, I'll tell you about that!) Let me remind you, Verizon CS rep set me up on this payment thing, I didn't ask for, she did that saying I won't be late. To cut a long story short, they took my account finance limit cause I paid a day before it's due and they had it on autopay I didn't ask for, that I cancelled at that! I called in told my situation, with confirmation number! They sent the payment through even though I paid before the payment was due. Yeah you heard me right!! So yesterday I needed another phone for work last minute thing, I didn't find out about all this till yesterday! . These people told me they took my finance limit cause I missed a payment in January which in fact was paid, and the rep signed me up for something that hurt my payment history with them. I tried explaining that, with proof and yet they argued me down. This was the last straw!!! At that y'all it's all in the notes.! They seen everything! But I'm not done yet.! They way the rep set it up, had me doomed period. No matter what, I would be late even if I pay on time. They seen this but yet want me to wait 6 months to get my finance credit back. When I've been with y'all for that time? i said heck no! That's y'all fault. Fix it! You see,I pay my bill on time every month but yet you do that to me over 30.00? Verizon is wild. I never heard of a company that set the consumer up for failure! I pay twice a month to Verizon with a late fee. No credit back for they mistake or anything! I just realized that yesterday, but they don't want to reimburse my late fee. Or fix that situation! So I ported out. All three of my lines! Now I'm with a company that does right by they customers! Of course, some agent is going to comment on this post saying, I'm sorry for your inconvenience etc etc etc etc. Heck No! Your not!. Do not get service through them. They think everything you do is fraud. Due to the iPhone issue, people getting iPhones in other people's names. That's not our fault your verification process is horrible! Verizon is weird. Asking me why I switch phones. I told them cause I CAN! What you mean?! I switch phones so much cause my phone gets lost or damaged. I travel, I'm in the field. I shoot AKs etcs. Verizon is weird. They rates keep rising cause they losing money. So us the consumer, is facing the consequences! Higher plans, horrible service!  I work hard for my money. I wanna be appreciated! But do not go with them. If your with them and got dealt a bad hand from them,  take that as a sign! Leave!

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