Your wireless account has been disconnected after payment arrangement; ultimately would like the line to be reconnected.
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This is the message that the account shows upon login:

Your wireless account has been disconnected.

If you are enrolled in our Auto Bill Pay program, your automatic payments will continue until your balance is 0.

Upon termination of Verizon Wireless service, your final bill will also be mailed to your billing address. For questions about your account status, please contact us at 800-922-0204.


I spoke with a representative earlier today (5/15/23) who let me know  that I 'have until July 7th before the line is fully disconnected' and I'd like to understand how my account stands as of now compared to what would happen on July 7th

After being disconnected, may I have my line reinstated as the rep indicated once the balance is paid? 

The goal is to have the line reconnected and full service restored; I set up an auto-payment (15) days from today (5/15 ) which would be (5/30) and it seems the line was disconnected after the payment arrangement was confirmed by the rep.  

May I please have some clarification if a line may be reconnected after a disconnection? The message at login seems to indicate that the relationship has been offloaded and that is a bit worrisome after making a payment arrangement. 

I was also told that, upon making a payment, that I may need to clarify to the agent I eventually land with that my account 'does not have a security deposit requirement' and that, upon payment, service would be restored as normal. 

Would anyone be able to verify the process or offer any context on what I can expect going forward? 

Thank you. 

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Hello, vitjd, I just wanted to reach out to let you know that we are standing by should you still need assistance. Please use the link we sent previously so we can continue. We look forward to hearing form you.


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We want to make sure you know what you expect when reconnecting the service. We'll send you a Private Note shortly.


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Closed account 

been waiting 2 weeks for a return label to return home internet unit. Unable to get help. 

Customer Service Rep

Doreen88, we're terribly sorry for all the issues you've encountered. We would like to help. I will be sending you a private message.