can't login to account phone is broken
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I dropped and broke my phone last night and am trying to login to my account to order a new phone, but it keeps trying to verify the login by sending a text to my broken phone. I called customer service and they said all they can do is order a new phone for me; they can't reset my account or help me get in.

I don't know what phone I want to buy and would like to get into my account, look at phones and order one myself. Is there really no way for me to get into my account?

This seems ridiculously stupid.

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I'm so sorry your account is set up with a 2-stage-only verification. If you can't get a text and you can't get in online, I recommend activating an old phone if possible or visiting a store. Find one here:


If you know someone with a Verizon phone or an unlocked phone or you have an old phone of yours from Verizon, you could possibly try and move your SIM card into that phone to receive the notification that way. I don’t work for Verizon but it’s a possible solution.