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You would think having the callback feature would help while you’re at work, but it definitely doesn’t. From the call I had this morning to the one I’m currently sitting in silence with an agent right now has been terrible. Like many I use the promise to pay button on my bill sometimes. This last time has resulted in my bill being marked past due even though it is t due til the end of this month now that I have paid the remaining balance. I was told from a billing agent to disregard the plethora of text an emails I have gotten since the remaining balance payment because my bill isn’t due until the 31st. Somehow I get another email before my work day is over that my account will be suspended in 24 hours. So I setup another callback after being placed on hold a good 5 times my questions still aren’t answered an I’m being transferred to financial services. Now I kept my cool but this is when it gets crazy JP who had me believe for a quick second his name was John not only refuses to give me a manger but also to speak with anyone else in the department but him. JP gets on the line an gives answers to questions I haven’t asked and just keeps pushing this future bill on me. CAN SOMEONE PLEASES TELL ME WHERE TO FIND ANSWERS AND QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE on Verizon because it’s became quite ridiculous. 

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