was told i would get a call to set up phones

I ported over five numbers from another carrier about two weeks ago.  I was told by the "salesman" (who I was directed to by my Fios rep, that he would call me the following week to set up the phones, process my rebates as well as some other things.  Needless to say NOTHING.  Here's the best part, I spoken to no less than 10 people who cannot track down the salesperson, eventhough I have the order number [edited for privacy].  Can't be any easier.  Activating the phones took a week and about 12 Hours of wasted time.  None of the CS reps say the same thing, Supv give you their extension and they are bogus and other Supv never respond to the request of a callback.  It disgusting and disrespectful.  My order number was [edited for privacy].  I have already filed complaints with NYS Public Service Commission and FCC.

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you didn't receive the promised callback. It's our goal to make sure our promises are never broken and we'd be happy to help in any way possible. We'll send you a Private Note so we can assist.