1.454 GB of data used in one day?

Has anyone ever had this happen? My new billing cycle started yesterday. When I left for work yesterday morning, my data usage widget was at 0.0 GB. I worked a whole 8 hour day jumping on Facebook one time. After work, I streamed no more than two hours worth of iHeart radio. At some point in the evening, I refreshed the widget and the little green bar jumped from 0.0 GB to 1.454 GB.  I stream iHeart radio a lot on a regular basis, and it usually takes me about three weeks to use that much data.  There is nothing I could have done in about ten hours time to use that much data without draining a battery.  Customer service was unable to help me and advised me to turn off my mobile data when not in use (for the whole month??) but could not offer any reasons why this would have happened. What do you all think?

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Re: 1.454 GB of data used in one day?
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Hello homerj281! I regret that this usage has troubled you, and that we weren't able to provide you with acceptable suggestions or options when you called. However, the details you've provided may help us to help you understand the spike in usage. Streaming audio and/or video can easily cause an accumulation of data in the amount of 1.454 GB and higher. It depends on the content transmitted, if there was something other than just the music in that content (additional advertising, video or image-based content that may not be related to the music selection), higher quality media, activities/connections other than iHeart Radio, and even less stable connections can all play a part.

I see that you're using the data widget. Did you also check your usage details through My Verizon: http://bit.ly/xB4iTc. If not, I recommend it as the tool I use to monitor and examine the usage on my lines.

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Re: 1.454 GB of data used in one day?
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