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$100 mo. increase! Embedded charges, not hidden charges per Verizon.

Unfortunately I bought 2 new phones for existing lines, and purchased a new plan of 10GB data to 18GB, so the games with Verizon began.

Our monthly plan went up by $100! And as the rest of the lines on our plans purchased phones our bill was to go up $110. We were only expecting an increase of $36!

The phones, we were told,  were the. new best plan. To buy phones we were to pay full pric$e for phones as monthly payments for 2 years. Our current new line access was $40 per line which would drop to $15 per month with the new plan.

For the first phone, the equipment billing would be $25 and monthly line charge $15. So 15 + 25 = $40 So bottom line monthly billing increase would not change

For the second line, a decision for a more expensive phone was chosen so equipment charges would be approx $30 monthly, an insurance plan for an additional $11 a month was also purchased. so 15 + 30 + 11 = $56 per month. This would increase total monthly billing by an additional $16.

Now for the Data. We were told we could upgrade to 18GB of Data for an additional charge of $20 for the new plan. We were not told that we would lose discounts on our monthly line charges. Each eligible line (3 of them) increased the monthly billing by an additional $15. (not to mention that if other lines in the home upgraded to new phones it would add an additional $10)   When I complained to Verizon Rep about a hidden increase on the monthly line charges, I was told it was and "Embedded in the Plan increase", not a" hidden increase". That I could look on my bill and see it.. So monthly billing bottom line increased 20 + 15 = $35 more per month.

I asked for my old plan back and was told I couldn't have it as it was no longer available. Upon becoming highly agitated, I was told that they would "give me" my old plan back. So by getting angry and being demanding, I was able to get my old plan back. One problem with billing solved!

Still needed to resolve why I was being charged $100 more monthly. $100 - $35 (overall increase due to new Data plan) - $16 (increase to mo. bottom line billing for second phone, see above). So 100 - 35 - 16 = $49. This has to do with how a month in advance is an advantage to Verizon and is completely baffling to the consumer. Every month we pay a month in advance. but the month I bought the phones I had to pay for that months phones and a month in advance. The following month I would only pay for a month in advance. So for one month I paid that month and a month in advance; isn't that paying for 2 months? (also I paid a $5 late fee, not for sure if that was for being a month in advance late)

Decided that I was stuck with the complicated billing, it is very much like a shell game, and that is how they explain it to you, they keep you confused and treat you like an idiot. It is how they are taught to do business. I have been assured that next months advance billing will only have an expected increase of $16. We will see. I can only hope that I will not loose half a day to try and resolve once again.

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