$1100 in promotions never received! Getting the run around from customer service

July 28, 2021 my husband and I traded our PAID & UNLOCKED phones (an iphone X and Galaxy Note) in for a two new iphone 12 Pro Max at an Apple store. We were told that I would receive a $320 trade in value from Apple and a $700 promo from Verizon. My monthly total charge for the remaining amount after promotional value was suppose to be $5, 24 months of payments totaling around $180. I originally planned to buy a phone outright since my iphone X was completely paid for. I had no need for a new phone. My husband's phone was the same, perfect condition, with $400 in promotional value from Appe and Verizon. The credits were suppose to kick in after two billing cycles. We have called numerous times to have this resolved. The first few times they said there is no promo. The following times, they corrected it to an incorrect amount, actually the opposite of what it should have been. By now I've paid almost 4x the amount I was suppose to pay for the phones. To top it off, they claim they never received either trade in, which is puzzling because the iphone X was surrendered AT the Apple store. Verizon sent a pre-paid package for the Galaxy Note, which we shipped back. We have a UPS receipt that it was sent. Frankly I'm tired of the run around and would like what was promised. 


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