15-year Customer - Does it matter???

Been a 15-year happy Verizon customer until today! 1st call waited for 45-minute only to get hung up on. 2nd call which lasted 1 hour and 42 minutes to ask about a $210.00 charge due to using my hot spot for 1 hour (it was a large file) but had no idea that I would have been charged this much. Would have made different choices if I had known or would have declined to download the file. Customer service rep just wanted to upgrade my plan (even though I rarely go over my alloted 6G data) and just continuing talking over me and what I was trying to say. Clearly not willing to LISTEN and kept repeating that I was sent a notice letting me know I was close to going over. Please tell me how would I, as your customer, know that in downoading a file, I would be charged this outrategeous fee just because I was close to going over??? Never agreed to it, never would have and the only solution after speaking with a manger was a 25% discount. So let's do the math... 15 years at roughly $140/month = $25,000.00. Is $52.50 worth losing a customer?  Apparently, it really doesn't matter.

Re: 15-year Customer - Does it matter???
Customer Service Rep

This is concerning, let's take a look. Please send us a private note. GenevieveB_VZW