20 Verizon year Customer, looking to leave
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I have been with Verizon about 20yrs. Been happy until recently.

  • I recently upgraded phones (about 4x months ago). That phone was on a promotion where i was receiving a promotion credit each month That essentially paid for the phone. I was on vacation and the phone was damaged. I needed a new phone quickly so I went to the Verizon store while on vacation. I had to pay the damaged  phone off since I still owed a promotional money. No big deal, I figured I would need to pay off that phone. Here is the hard part I am having issues with. I needed to get a new phone but was not eligible for any promos since I was not trading anything in. I had to BUY another phone outright (700.00). So with the old damaged phone and new phone, i am out 1500.00. I have contacted Tmobile and Spectrum.  I was told (still need to verify) they would buy out my current contract and give me a new phone for switching over. Anyone had success with this? I would be bringing my current 3x lines over.
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