$200 Gift Card for Switching Not Received

I switched to Verizon on 9/9/2022 with 3 lines. At the time of making iPhone purchases, I asked the agent in chat to show me how to submit applications for the $200 per line gift card. I followed all the steps and submitted the applications. I was told at the time the applications were successful and I would receive status notices in email.

I've been following up with this topic since, and no emails, no agent could answer my questions about it either. 

Since I followed the instructions to the letter and have saved chat histories with all agents I've chatted with, I request Verizon to provide a status update. If I don't hear back in 3 business days, I will escalate to the executives office, take it to the court and cancel my services.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi there! Thank you so much for contacting us tonight, and thank you for joining our family. I don't want you to worry. I can submit a promo correction form for you, and get the promo added to your account as long as you meet the promo requirements. Please send me a Private Message, so we can get started.