27 Year customer can’t make calls
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I’m so angry and frustrated and angry!!   We have been a Verizon customer for 27 years. Lived in our home for almost 21 years, 3-4 weeks ago (THATS WEEKS AGO) all of our phone calls started dropping, become garbled, get cut off, we can’t make phone calls!!  I’ve talked (or tried), texted messaged chatted for way more hours than I should with I don’t know how many people. We’ve had tickets opened and closed telling us there’s nothing that can be done we live in a marginal coverage area. Really? Downtown Sacramento. About one mile to the CA State Capital is a marginal coverage area?  Oh but we could spend $250 on a network extender. This is such garbage. Horrible customer service!!  This issue just started. It has nothing to do with more people working from home due to the pandemic, that started months ago. Verizon has left me feeling unwanted. The last agent Amber, told me we could look for better service with a different company. I asked to speak to a Regional manager. Waiting for that call but not confident it’s going to come. I feel lied to, abandoned, even though it’s my phone, my husbands phone, my daughters phone, our neighbors who have Verizon their phones, no one seems to care. These are our only phones. What if we had an emergency?  I’m SO angry!!! About to walk away from this company after 27 years. 

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I am very surprised that no one from Verizon Customer Support here on this forum has reached out to you.  That is NOT acceptable!!!

You have about 7 years seniority over me in terms of my time with Verizon....  I would recommend you place a call to the "customer loyalty dept" and ask to speak with a manager there.  I can't imagine that someone there would not be willing to help you out!

They should be able to explain why your coverage has "suddenly disappeared".   If you are not already using wifi enable calling, and assuming you have wifi at home, you should try out that feature on your phones if you have not already done so...

In order to use the home extender you need to have wifi service in your home.  If you do, that might be a good way to go.   I can't imagine those extenders are costing $250!!! I'd check on Craigslist, Amazon and/or Ebay for something half the price.  If you get in a pinch, I might have one around that I used years ago... I think it should still work... (not sure with current technology changes).  Good luck on getting decent wireless service once again.