Is the $350 BYOD promo a gimmick??? I was told I would receive a $350 e gift card after 45 days. During this time the device I brought had started having issues with phone calls (the screen will flicker on and off) sometimes making it impossible to take a call. So, I purchased another device (I paid full retail) but cannot active that device until I receive this e-gift card- I was told around 06/24/22. That date passed and I reached out on chat and then was told 07/20/2022 after calling the rebate center while in a chat in the Verizon app. I have done everything asked and now have to wait almost another whole month to receive this gift card and activate the new device. Instead of issuing me the e-gift card like I was promised for switching to Verizon postpaid here I am with a worthless device and no e-gift card. If I would have stayed prepaid I could have upgraded my device and I paid less for the same coverage. I am beyond furious because I did my part and they will not validate and send me the e-gift card. Non of the people I’ve spoken with or chatted with can give me answers other than try again around 07/20.