$400 sound bar and $400 gift card, then $100 never received

I was supposed to be able to get a camera for free . But its never allowed on my verizon web page. i tried for months... a few times a month. .. well tomorrows the deadline!

before that i was supposed to have $400 for a sound bar.. it was supposed to be for pick up. when i went to pick it up verizon said it was never available there.

when i called verizon they kept actting like thay didnt know what i was talking about...2 months later...  when i called and reached someone in gift services finally they said they would send me a gift card for 4oo sound bar. i never got it... but i got a $100 for verizon cell phone services. i dont have a cell phone. Im through! Too through!

I had 2 brain surgeries last year! I had atleast 6 hopsitlzations in 2 years . I have epilspsy, strokes and more! I cant be affected by this foolishness!  But this bothers me. That verizon has such practices and rotten customer service.  I never had this problem with spectrum. I left spectrum because they couldnt lower my rate and it was too costly. by the time i went to verizon, spectrum said they would lower my bill, by then it was too late. I shouldve went back to spectrum. they always gave me, what they offered.