4747 Wilson Ave Grandville Michigan
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I live near this store but always went I go there to trying to get some help as a new customer I I’m treated with a lot of discrimination. We had an account with 5lines and this month we had an extra $200 in our bill we were going to know what’s going on with that, we were told there by a lady member of the staff that “I can’t see your account you guys need to make an appointment to even come speak to us, if you don’t leave in a few minutes I will be obligated to call the cops” We were chock because at the same time she shut the door on our face. Minutes later two others customers came and they were allowed inside. Verizon should take action regarding this matter because nobody should be treated because of how they look like or their ethnicity or the religion this was clearly a racist behavior!! Well have just to switch and go to a company that treat us with dignity and don’t let us outside in the cold weather of Michigan for 2hours.... shame on you

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Our customers mean the world to us and we believe each customer deserves to be treated with respect at all times no matter what! Your feedback matters, and we wouldn't want to lose you as a customer. I want to ensure your feedback is lifted to the appropriate team, and your billing concerns are resolved. To better assist you, I've sent you a Private Note.