4G and Wifi calling poor quality

I have 2 to 4 bars of 4G. I can hear people but they can't hear me. No wonder, the outgoing lag is through the roof.  Its not a volume issue since this happens at all hours of the day and night. I also bought a 22+ with the same issue. Something is wrong at the tower, its the option left. Verizon customer service has no solution except to direct me to wifi calling.

Wifi calling is spotty. I have an orbi mesh system as well as the router Wifi. Neither options connect well. I've tried changing tge Wifi channel with no effect. I have Ooma for house phones and that works flawless. So not an ISP issue. 


I need help. I'm now tied to Verizon for 18 months with no way to use my phone in my own home even though I have a decent connection to the tower and 300Mps wifi.



Re: 4G and Wifi calling poor quality
Customer Service Rep

Hi, Jg250. Thanks for reaching out to us. Can you send us a Private Note, so we can look into this for you?