4G connectivity

I have terrible service in my neighborhood have to use 3G connection for better phone and hotspot but the hotspot is slow. 4G LTE does not work in my home and in my neighborhood which is frustrating because if the power goes out I can’t use my hotspot that I pay extra for and on top of that 3G is being Eliminated by Verizon which leaves me with no hotspot when I’m home like throwing money out the window and Verizon’s response is totally in adequate

Re: 4G connectivity
Customer Service Rep

We deeply apologize for the experience you have had with our network,Kjtk. We are here to help you. 


What city/town are you located at, as well as the closest cross streets? Do you get our 4G LTE signal when outside? 


Regarding our 3G network, we are very sorry that entire network is being retired this year. We wish that there was a way to keep that service, but we are forced to shut it down completely by the end of this year.