4G or 5G equipment to be installed on a brand NEW tower?
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We're finally getting cell service on a brand new tower near our home in the Lakes Region of NH (on the ME/NH state line). The town has confirmed that building permits have been issued to VZW and the tower owner has confirmed he has a newly signed contract. The tower is a little over a mile away from my home - so I expect a strong signal. My neighbors and I are hoping to use VZW for home internet as Spectrum Cable Internet is about $80/mo. Plus, a working cell phone would be a real plus!

I'm wondering if the site will get 4G or 5G equipment installed. Does anyone know? It seems crazy to me to install legacy equipment at a new tower site - but I do not have a degree in business and I've learned to expect the unexpected from Fortune 500 companies.

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Hi steveconnh! This is good news and this will help with coverage in your area. We do not have any information on what signal is going to be set up on that tower in your area, though I do not see why a 5G signal would not be set up, as that is the new technology and connection. ~Peter