4g nationwide

I noticed my new phone has 5G UW capability, and 4g nationwide, but often I can't even get a 4g signal and use of data.


Customer service wait time was 1 hour and 20 minutes before, with one transfer before I hung up

They said troubleshooting on their end was down, and several towers.

Going on chat, I was given the run around about why I am not even getting 4g as a priority customer.

I understand 5G UW is area specific and 4g nationwide is faster 4g, but there is no excuse to not be able to use data with 4g.

The agent didn't give his ID number or name, but stopped the chat with me instead so I can't reference him or her.

So far switching from metro, I am unimpressed with Verizon service, legitimacy of information and their customer support.

Anyone else have an experience like this?

Re: 4g nationwide
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for reaching out to us. A reliable service is a must and we are here to help. When did the service issue start? Does this only happen while at home or work and are other users in the area having the same trouble?