5 G Has Failed
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Verizon, please stop forcing this failure on me. If my phone is lagging or disconnect, I know that it is on 5g. It has failed.

Worse, because I have the worst phone on earth, the Velvet, I can't turn it off. 


I'm confused as to why I used to have 5 bars and lightning speed in my home on 4 G, Verizon thinks I should be okay with zero bars and zero service on the new 5 G in the same room. 


I don't want to hear about how in 20 years it will be great; why not just stay with what is great now??

Re: 5 G Has Failed
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I agree.....I live in and around all very small cites in Northern NC. I had 3-5 bars but 3 was the average.  Now, since they are working on getting 5g in my area, my S21 Ultra,  iPhone 11, Moto One 5g......they all have one bar or none, WITH a very high quality cellular booster and definitely without it. Hopefully ones all the towers are talking to all the others, things will get better but I'm not waiting much longer if I have to go to Satellite phones!.lol

Re: 5 G Has Failed
Customer Service Rep

The last thing we want is for your phone to lag and disconnect. I would love to help to see what is going on. We certainly appreciate your 20 years of loyalty. May I have your nearest intersection and zip code? What is the make and model of your phone? Does your service get better if you leave the area? -AmberF_VZW