5 days without a phone because VZW/Asurion
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On Saturday, April 8 my husband’s phone malfunctioned out of nowhere. He did not drop his phone in any water. He has not dropped his phone at all. He’s always really careful with his phone so Saturday we call Verizon’s customer, service team, or the technical team who states that we can go into a Verizon store on Sunday and they will fix the issue and if they cannot fix the issue, then they will ship out a new phone Sunday morning. We get up to go to the Verizon store and it is closed because it is Easter, which, by the way we forewarned the rep about the store being closed because of Easter, and said that we should be fine  at this point. I don’t know if I was speaking to someone from Verizon or their third-party technical company Asurion,  Sunday morning. April 9 We get up to go to the Verizon store and lo and behold. The store is closed. At this point it has been two days that my husband has not had his phone we get back up to go to the same place on Monday April 10 and they cannot fix the issue so they set us up with an appointment the next day, because my husband has to be to work at 2 PM in the afternoon with Asurion for Tuesday April 11 at 10 AM at this point we have been four days without a phone. When we get there on Tuesday The Asurion rep is wearing a shirt that says you break I fix it which is another third-party company with Verizon technical team. We get there at 10 AM and technical rep who is there breaks his screen in his phone. At this point it is 1:30 PM and we have been there long enough to have breakfast and lunch. At this point all three companies are now going back-and-forth putting the blame on each other about who is going to fix the broken screen and the motherboard on my husband’s phone. They all spent another 2 1/2 hours going back-and-forth before the rep at VZW tells the rep in the store to fix the phones screen and she will ship off another phone. Like what? This is something that could’ve been done 2 1/2 hours ago but we leave the store at almost 4 PM without a phone so we are now five days without a phone. The phone comes in at 12:10p on April 11 the next day it is not in a brand new box and it is attached to this cardboard thing that tells us how to set up or activate the device they did not send a Sim cart pusher so my husband cant activate his device without his old Sim card  there is no way to get the Sim card out so my husband has to run up the road to a local metro PCS to allow them to push out the old Sim card and put in the new device which they so gladly did it at this point it is literally 30 minutes before my husband has to go to work so he has no  time to set up his phone with all of his contacts that he has to work with we spent over the course of 2 1/2 years almost $400 if not more in insurance and we spent 5 days chasing down a phone that I will so gladly say I wish I never had Verizon services. My husband and I plan to leave Verizon and this is no threat because they are supposed to have the best service and this has been the worst two years including the service that they have now.

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I understand your frustration with the experience you had with Verizon and their third-party companies. It's certainly not the level of service you would expect from a reputable provider. Considering other service options seems reasonable given the challenges you faced. I hope you find a more reliable and responsive service provider in the future.