5 hours on chat just to upgrade a phone...and its still NOT done!

I know this is going to sound crazy... but I have now spent 5 + hours on at LEAST 4-5 chat sessions trying to upgrade my phone.  What's really CRAZY???  I still don't have an upgraded phone!

Ironic thing is that I was upgrading because I was told that I have a LOYALTY OFFER.  Yes, I have been a LOYAL Verizon customer for at least 15 years.  I want to redeem my loyalty offers and honestly, I don't know why I am so loyal...

Each chat session yields conflicting information.  Your new device will be ready for in-store pick up in 2 hours, you can pick up your new device in the store - but it takes 2-3 days before you get the email confirmation.  Pricing is different, some say it's an online offer, others say it's attached to my account.  I spend time telling them my number, the number I want to upgrade, to which device, using which loyalty offer, trading in my old device, waiting and waiting while they "set up the order" then they NEVER come back on the session.  so... I start all over.  SERIOUSLY VERIZON is this the way you treat a loyal customer?  I will never recommend Verizon to anyone ever again.  Worst. Day. Ever.