$500 Visa promo - how do I redeem?

I have contacted Chat several times asking how do I access the $500 Visa promo card. They don't know and only direct me to a link to apply for a Verizon sponsored bank credit card.

Searched the website, cannot find where I can use the promo card to pay my bill or buy accessories. 

Anyone know how to access the card? I am a new customer and just paided my first bill. I activated my new account about six weeks ago. Brought my own phone, that is why I qualify for the $500 promo card.


Re: $500 Visa promo - how do I redeem?
Customer Service Rep

Good morning, breeves2245. We want you to get your promotion as soon as possible. Please visit this link (https://www.yourdigitalrebatecenter.com/#!/) and use promo code 500BYOD2022. I am confident that you will be able to get your promotion. We want you to have an excellent experience.