55+ unlimited plan failures to be applied to my account


My wife and I are 55 and older, who reside in Florida and my Verizon billing address reflects this. 

I have been attempting to get 55+ plan four several months, with many calls, visits to Verizon store and trouble tickets open. All of this has failed

The last interaction with customer service was two months ago. They switched me from I believe the Go unlimited plan to another unlimited plan, sent me a Verizon text message stating that 55+ discount was applied and explained that it would take effect at next billing cycle. Well that never happened. 

It is poor that Verizon does not honor what they advertise on this discount plan. It tells us to go to a VZ store or call customer services. All I have done way to many times

I am requesting that someone own this problem and provide routine status we me. 

My next step at this time is to either start blasting emails to executives or switch to another provider. 


Re: 55+ unlimited plan failures to be applied to my account
Customer Service Rep



As a consumer myself, I understand wanting to make sure you get the best plan for your needs. We can assist with reviewing your account to get more details. Please send us a Private Note.