5G, 4G extremely poor signal strength
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Just bought a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (5G) because I got fed up with the poor 4G coverage in Colorado.  The Verizon rep said they aren't expanding 4G coverage , but 5G.  As Verizon says, we are spending "Billions of dollars on our network".  Well, I tried activating the new phone at our place in the City of Longmont Colorado which has terrible 4G coverage. and what do you know, it could not activate the phone because of poor signal.  It said I should find a stronger signal.  So much for 5G!  At our place we are lucky to get 1 bar of 4G coverage.   Have to walk a few hundred to several hundred feet just to get above 1 bar.   I guess I will have to do the same for 5G coverage.  I sure would like to know where they are spending these "Billions of dollars..."