*611 gets misrouted to Global Roaming Center
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  • I've tried to get an explanation as to why calls to *611 get routed to the Global Roaming Center.  It's a US call within the US.   611 gets routed to the correct US Service Center.   Adding a call to *611 also works.


I was told there is a "translate" error with Google Pixel phones that is known to cause this error.  No clue what that means.  It was only supposed to affect pixel 5 or above.  I have a 4a.


After speaking or chatting with 16 service agents who were unable to analyze, I'm at wits end.  Verizon service process tracking is defective.   This is not a network routing issue according to the NRB team.  The INC team refuses to talk with Google to resolve issue.

Seems like the only answer is to give up on Verizon.  Anyone explain what's going on? 

Re: *611 gets misrouted to Global Roaming Center
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ddokoto I'm sorry to learn you are having issues reaching us with the *611 dial. We will do everything we can to help you here on this platform. Can you tell us if dialing 800.922.0204 reaches us?-Dolores