79.99 Premium Grandfathered Plan

So I'm on a plan that's $79.99 with 450 mins, unlimited text, VZ Navigator and VCAST VPAK.  Time for me to upgrade and surprise, all the neat new smartphones require me to give up this plan.  While I would have google navigation, I loose my VCAST and I'll be paying an additional $10 a month.  So I'm actually getting less services, for more money.  I currently have a LG Dare, which I love, but I miss having buttons.  The best thing I can "upgrade" to is the LG Envy Touch or a Samsung Reality, which lets face it, aren't that awesome.  These phones are pretty old and don't compare to the Driods or HTC's that are currently out.  Verizon has pretty much gotten out of control with their mandatory data plans.  I've been a loyal Verizon customer for about 8 years, but I have not reached my breaking point.  Does anyone know if Verizon has any plans to come out with new 3G multimedia phones?  Or something that compatible with the $9.99 data plan (which would work with my plan) as opposed to the $29.99 data plan?


From reading these forums, unless Verizon comes out with some better, flexible options, they are going to loose alot of customers.  Me included.

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The premium plan was never available for smartphones onluly 3g multimedia phones such as your Dare, get an androiid phone then u get free navigation. All companies require unlimited data plans for smartphones you pay for what u get, if u don't want to pay 29.99 get another 3g mm phone
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What area of the country are you in?

Verizon has a southern cailfornia promo through Oct for unlimited talk and text for $69.99 add the $30 data plan for unlimited everything.

Also.... I saw a new sprint commercial last night. Unlimited everything, talk, text, web for $69.99 You know Verizon will have to match that.

Pricing and features will continue change