8 phone calls and 6+ hours of conversations to no resolutions! Horrible VZW Customer Service
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I was purchasing an iPad at the Apple Store and I saw an opportunity for a $200 gift card with purchase of LTE iPad and line connection on Verizon.  I dug through the details offered as I was sure there was a time commitment involved.  I found nothing of the sort.  I figured I would give it a try as the rebate would cover the cost of the LTE upgrade on the iPad and the line activation fee.  I received a couple e-mails through the process, nothing about time commitment.  We kept the line for about 5 months and were not using it, so I cancelled it.  Then I got my next bill with $200 added.  Contacted customer service right away and was then told that it was a 12 month commitment.  We were working through my request to have that back charge reversed and they said it would be taken care of, then we got disconnected (this was chat).  I reached back out and was told it could not be taken care of.  Fast forward 6 more communications and I was again assured it was going to be taken care of.  I even had them repeat it multiple times to me to make sure we were on the same page.  They agreed and said they would call me the following week to confirm.  Well no credit and no call.  Call back again (7th contact).  It was like hitting the reset button once again on the situation.  Said the last person told me wrong, read to me again the T&C's etc.  He then gave me another number to the "home office" in NY.  Called that, got the same run around.  Demanded to speak to a manager, which I did, and he offered me 1/2 credit and basically said take it or leave it.  I understand the T&C as Verizon states it, but in order for me to see those on this promo I had to buy the device, activate it, and apply for the rebate.  ONLY THEN was the time commitment outlined, and still not clearly it was a clickable link on the page.  All the reps I spoke with agreed to this.  Verizon does not feel that is an issue in their marketing of the promotion and in the words of Mike the manager of my last call, "why would we just give you $200 if we were not getting out money back?"  Not sure Mike, that is not my problem.  I did my research on the promo through all the information given to me and that is not what it said.  So I took the $100 on this final call (I declined it when it was offered before out of principal) because it was clear that Verizon agrees to the shady nature of the promotion, that I should not of had to make 8 calls, and that I was misguided by reps and still claims it was my issue not theirs I was out of options.  I will be switching to another carrier when my plans are up and I am able to do so.  Very disappointed in Verizon, this is not acceptable customer service.