$800 trade in "enhanced credits" not showing up

I recently saw Samsung was running a deal on their website. I was interested in the Z fold 3 since it came with free galaxy buds and a case (will never use that). I was surprised to learn that if I chose Verizon credit pay my Note 10+ was eligible for the enhanced credit from $330 to $800. I chose that option, signed all the paperwork and received my new phone today after 3 week wait (still haven't opened it even). When I went to Verizon's trade in page (as directed to do in the agreement) they were back to offering me $330. I contacted verizon online chat who advised they couldn't really help me with fixing the issue. Contacted Samsung chat and they advise it was part of a deal thru verizon for using Verizon's monthly pay option and to contact them, so basically in a never ending loop. My only option now it seems is to return all of it to Samsung and look at phones from another provider and possibly different phone provider as this seems to be a pattern with Verizon reading all the others with issues. Anyone one else have similar issue and get some resolution? 

Re: $800 trade in "enhanced credits" not showing up
Customer Service Rep

We know it's important to get the full value for your trade-in. We are here to help. Please send us a Private Note. *Rebecca