A dissatisfied customer
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I have been a Verizon customer for almost 20 years. Bills are always paid in full and never delinquent. We were told on Sunday that we would be able to trade in a Motorola G6 for the iPhone 13 basically for free. We were told we would receive an $800 credit on the bill once the trade in was received. The phone was ordered. Picked up. Activated. And all is good! WRONG !!! The trade in was NEVER SUBMITTED. Now I am being told that trade in is worth $0. I have screen shots of the agent telling me we are good to go. I contacted another agent this evening to find out where our trade in box is and the agent tells me there is no trade in submission. So I have spent 2 hours on chat trying to figure out if they will make this trade in work. I was told yes!!! Awesome. NOT. I legit wait another 20 min for them to come back and tell me they can’t do anything about my issue. I have never been so disgusted by a corporation as I am tonight. Not once but twice you tell me we can go ahead and make this work only to tell me sorry no, we can’t make that happen. I have spent way too much money here and I am about sick of it. If anyone knows how to get ahold of UPPER MANAGEMENT that would be great. I at least want them to see what I was told. I have never had trouble with Verizon until now. And this makes me want to leave!