Abysmal LTE strength in Broy Hill / 22042 since June/July 2022 timeframe

Since this summer cell signal strength in the Broy Hill neighborhood located in the 22042 zip code has been abysmal leading to numerous disconnects and low-quality calls or even inability to make or receive calls. I have turned on LTE over Wi-Fi which has made things at home tolerable, but I don't understand why the premier cell provider can't provide better cell service in a densely populated area like Broy Hill. I sit next to high school, behind 2 popular strip malls and just 2 miles from both Inova Hospital campus and the Mosiac district... service in the neighborhood used to be excellent but starting this summer it just went off a cliff.  I don't want to be asked to get a extender unless Verizon is willing to provide it for free... as I shouldn't have to pay for extra equipment on top of Verizon's pretty high standard fees.   

Re: Abysmal LTE strength in Broy Hill / 22042 since June/July 2022 timeframe
Customer Service Rep

There are a number of factors that can affect cell signal in any given location, Enriquez, even if said location had different service in the past. You mentioned several of them: Dense population (more users sharing the same tower), a school (often has "jamming equipment" running), strip malls (shoppers comparing prices online=more usage), and a hospital (staff AND patients using cell phones). We would be happy to look more closely at this and discuss any options available. We are sending a private note to get more details.