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My brother and I initiated a service transfer with Verizon back in January 2022 from a different Verizon account that we had been on for 5+ years.

Verizon placed our account on restriction for processing a refund in March. The request restricted our access to the entire account: including paying with a debit card, processing upgrades through the app, and later on, after going into a store to upgrade and finance a new device, meeting with a rep who audaciously felt the need to condemn me, in front of the entire store, and exclaimed our account is restricted “probably because of non-payment,” which is false. Still, our ability to even finance a phone is restricted, and the only way we can get a new phone is by purchasing full price through Verizon or the apple store.

 For context, I had attempted to pay off my device to take advantage of your trade-in special and decided to process the transaction via the app. Unfortunately, the payment went towards the bill instead of my device. I called customer service and was prompted to process the refund in person at a Verizon store. I set up an appointment, met with a rep, and requested a refund. The rep ensured I’d receive my refund “quickly” and that everything would be taken care of and processed smoothly. Three weeks later, I received my refund, but our account was restricted once I received the refund. I had suspicions that it had something to do with the refund I had requested and later on processed. I explored the app to gather possible reasons why and noticed the bar graph that showed month and payment info was wrong. It conveyed the month of March as if we had paid a lower amount than we paid (because of the refund I had requested). However, your payments processed section indicates our payment for March.

 I spoke to multiple reps and discovered our account was placed on a restriction due to the refund and was told it wouldn’t go back into “good standing” until 9/7/22. The issue I have with this, other than the obvious, is that I wasn’t given any information regarding possible restrictions and was robbed of the opportunity to make an informed choice. We have never been late- and if anything, we pay our bill early. Getting restricted has been wildly inconvenient and does not serve our best needs or interest. According to numerous reps, it is impossible to get the account into “good standing” before 9/7/22. I don’t understand why we must suffer the consequence of someone else’s (Verizon rep) negligence. We want to be able to enjoy what we pay for, but the past few months have been nothing short of a nightmare. Ultimately, judging how Verizon has handled the situation and the amount of anguish and energy I’ve exhausted- it doesn’t make any sense to continue services with a company that has made it unequivocally clear that they don’t care. My Brother and I will be canceling services if this is not rectified. Thank you.

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