Account Transfer Stuck Pending Order -- No help & different answers


I'm trying to transfer my number (Verizon) to my husband's account (Verizon). We completed all the steps and everything said it went good on both ends.

Well, the number transfer never went through and now my account is stuck and is ineligible for transfer due to a pending order. I have called customer service, the transfers department, and multiple chat supports. I have been given MANY different answers ranging from it will fix on its own, to this will take a few hours to clear, to there is no timeframe known. Everyone I spoke to has created tickets but no actual answers.

This is getting ridiculous, I keep hearing from customer service this is a common issue and it should be resolved but nothing is happening.


Re: Account Transfer Stuck Pending Order -- No help & different answers
Customer Service Rep

Mokeymoke, we want your transfer to be seamless. Since this is a transfer from one Verizon account to another, please reach out to Transfer Your Service directly as follows→


Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat8:00AM - 7:00PM Local TimeSun8:00AM - 5:00PM Local Time


They will be able to help get this cleared up with ease. *Bee