Account issues with no help

I have been trying to migrate my prepaid to post paid. I thought I had it completed on Friday after a 2 hour phone call. I ordered a Apple iPhone 14 Pro , Apple iPad (9th Generation) , and #applewatch. I confirmed with customer service on Sunday that everything was good to go. Then today I received an email it was canceled. I have been on the phone for 4 hours and multiple chats, not one person can tell why it was canceled or what is going on with my plan.  I'm so frustrated. @Verizon I expected better.  I need answers before I leave completely 

Re: Account issues with no help
Customer Service Rep

Hey there! We're so sorry to heart about the trouble you've been experiencing with your order. Nto to fear, help is here! To begin, please send us a Private Note, so we can obtain more info about your order tonight! *Kris