Activating new sim card for existing smartphone
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I recently bought a new S10+ and added it to my existing acct / phone number. The online system wouldn't complete the device swap / update for some reason, so I had to have a support rep process the device change for me over the phone. For some reason, she insisted that I also activate a new sim card at the same time, instead of just inserting my existing sim into the new device. Unfortunately the only sim I had, was a spare one from an insurance replacement years ago.


Shortly after activating & using the new sim (in both phones), I realized that my coverage area & network performance had gotten significantly worse. I contacted support & they sent me a new sim. I just received it, and am now trying to activate & use it in my phone, but i encounter the following warning message (Underlined, Bold & asterisks, below) on during the last step of the process...

I just want to confirm that this "DATA WIPE" isn't actually referring to any of my personal content stored and in use on my S10+ Android device, such as my saved files, downloaded apps, accts, preferences or settings currently installed and in use on my Android device.

That changing the sim will simply transfer my phone number & wireless services from the old sim to the new sim card and everything else will remain as it is. I don't have any phone numbers stored to my sim card or anything else that I can think of either. I just want to be sure bc the wording of the "Warning" makes it sound like updating the sim card is going to do a Factory Reset of the device and erase everything off of my existing device.

Also, I tried to use "chat" option, but the link never works or opens the chat window on my laptop or mobile from

Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated, the last thing I want to do is end up erasing the personal data & files etc stored on my device as a result of a sim card swap.

Thank You


"Complete the SIM card swap ONLY if you've reset and turned your device off

**These instructions will wipe your device completely and will not be able to be restored unless everything has been backed up.**"


Turn off your device.

Remove the SIM card from the current device.


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Install the new SIM card into the current device.


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Re: Activating new sim card for existing smartphone
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I'm sorry for the trouble you've encountered with activating your new phone, and now your new SIM card. Changing the SIM card will not delete any data from your phone. It is only linked to the network for your mobile number. 


I hope this helps.