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I recently purchased a device from you and tried porting a number. The porting was done to a wrong account at Verizon and I lost access to the number. I contacted your support. The issue took roughly 7 hours of calls and waiting on calls to resolve. These are my notes:

- on each call I was transferred at least twice, up to three times
- on some calls I was holding for 50 minutes, all the way until "music" went silent without anyone responding
- operators sometimes transferred me with no warning or explanation
- once I got transferred, held for 60 minutes to get to speak to a person who told me they need to transfer me to someone else
- on some instances I was put on hold and call terminated 30 minutes later, this happened multiple times
- spending time trying to connect to support person, only to be given digital assistant which does not help - "for my convenience" as you say
- getting transferred to "digital assistant" after asking for "agent" twice in menus, getting a text message sent to number which is not active

After identifying the problem your team transferred me once again, the call went silent after 30 minutes. When calling again I was told your support has closed for the day. There was no other way for me to reach someone to help me get my number back.

This morning I spent another hour, mostly trying to get through to a human instead of a "digital assistant" sending link to my non-working device. Even request for "agent" and confirming with "agent" lead to digital assistant getting activated.

Furthermore, I encountered bunch of glitches and misleading information when trying to get the issue solved:

- trying to click "Sign-in -> Register" on your website didn't work
- your "chat" feature asks me to login in order to get help with activation - but I'm unable to register, or login, as the number doesn't work
- when trying to call your support from phone I get "calls cannot be completed and advised to call *611"
- calling *611 tells me the same error and advices to call *611...
- posting on this forum with a account registered without a number did not work - I've gotten various login errors, 500 errors, can send screenshots

Altogether, I've spent 7 hours resolving issues caused by your company. I'm really surprised how complicated it was to get help. You can find various notes from your support on my account's notes.

Can you make this right?

Kind regards,

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Is the trade-in still not showing as received? After the package arrives at the warehouse it can 48 hours to register in the system. - Scott