After 20 years of loyalty - Goodbye Verizon - I am tired of your greed

October 4th I walked in the Verizon store and upgraded my Samsung Note 9 and Galaxy Gear 3 for the Fold 4 and Galaxy Gear 5 Pro.  I really hesitated making this choice, shopped the competition but I was between a rock and a hard place.  My Note 9 completely died so I was without a phone.  Also Verizon is the only provider that supports Android watches on LTE.

Let me state I have had a watch on LTE since 2018 - same number.

All was fine however Verizon could not get service on the watch. I spent numerous hours on the phone with Tier 2 tech support and there are currently 3 tech support tickets outstanding to resolve this.

To make a long story short - I had enough, called customer service and requested a shipping label to return new equipment. The agent on the phone acted as if she could give a rodents rump that I was defecting. She said I'll email the shipping label to you and that's that.

I wasn't entirely happy that I, a long time Verizon customer was charged $70 in activation fees for upgrading my phone and watch.  Verizon Wireless was formed in 2000.  I was a customer of one of thw wireless providers they acquired.  My $35/month unlimited account was grandfathered in.  Then they slowly began to chip away at my included services, taking away free mobile hotspot, forcing me to subscribe to a more expensive plan.

Yesterday I went to a repair store where the gentleman replaced the battery in my Note 9 - $50 and 20 minutes time.

My next stop was Xfinity Mobile and activated one line with them - $45 for unlimited everything and NO ACTIVATION FEE. 

Yes my Note 9 is NOT 5G but I don't care. I don't stream much video and if I do, its at home on WiFi and usually a short video of someone shoving food in their head at some new restaurant.

The Galaxy Gear 5 Pro was a terrific device and at some point I'll go to Best Buy and purchase the non LTE model

This morning I dropped a box off at UPS destined for Verizon.  Everything I purchased on October 4th is being returned.

Has anyone noticed that Verizon is advertising the full price of the Samsung Fold 4 to be $1999.99 while Xfinity Mobile advertises the full price to be $1799.99?

Add me as a former loyal Verizon customer who got shafted because of greed.  How do I feel? It's like finally telling that toxic woman that's been ruining your life to GTFO.

Verizon will continue to do this to consumers until you, the subscriber, stands up to Verizon by walking away and exercising your options.

Re: After 20 years of loyalty - Goodbye Verizon - I am tired of your greed
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for sharing your experience, we appreciate customers who give us honest feedback as this allows us to grow as a company. It is never our goal to make our customers feel as if they are not valued, and we are truly sorry to see you go. As a consumer, I understand that you made the best choice for you. 

We will take this feedback and ensure we learn from it, to be able to meet our goal of providing the best service and support. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a Private Note. We are here and ready to help.~Laura